Furyondy Returns!

med shield


The acrid smell of chlorine hung heavy in the air.
In the middle of the courtyard, he uttered a quick, silent prayer to Heironeous, and lifted his eyes to scan the battlefield.  Even for a hardened battle tested veteran, it was quite a sight to behold: A huge dead dragon, heroes and villain corpses strewn about – and the sight of his bride being helped to her feet by the bridesmaids bought him back to his senses.
King Belvor looked down at the corpse of his son, and wondered how this came to be.  Thrommel was dead – again, it seems – as the undead vampire visage was clear to a paladin like Belvor was.  Iuz was likely up to this in some fashion no doubt, but now his son was finally home to Furyondy, at least that would help ease the years of wondering and pain.
The events of the last few minutes were clear in the Kings head – His wedding has just commenced, the officiant had just objected to his own ceremony!  In an instant the guise was dropped – a shadowy cage had appeared from nowhere at the instant the officiant changed into his true form, the returned prince of Furyondy – Thrommel.  The pain was searing, as Thrommel cut him mercilessly – Belvor was not sure if he was surprised or shocked, but he felt the life draining out of his body.   He thought the enveloping darkness would claim him, for but an instant. 
The sound of hooves!  A shield piercing the darkness – Emblazoned with a pair of antlers on field of Azure – A Knight of Furyondy was here – in the darkness with them.  The sounds of Heironeous were unmistakable to his Highness, he felt the blessings course through his blood from the rider – His wounds closed and he snapped out of his stupor - It was time to fight.
The fight ended almost as quickly as it had begun – a host of heroes and legendary figures were in attendance, and the plot was foiled, but not without losses.
Bannok’s body was crumpled onto the Furyondian soil.  It didn’t take much healing experience to know he was dead.  His faithful companion, Kalah – The celestial heavy warhorse he rescued from the lands of Iuz – hung his head low.  The vibrant green of the grass contrasted with blood soaked clothes of the Paladin and the odd lack of pigment on most of his equipment and stark white hair and moustache.
In due time, Kalah would carry the broken body of his friend to the temple.  The King had decreed that he would support the use of powerful magic of Heironeous to restore life to those who had saved the kingdom.  Garaeth, the high priest of Heironeous in Furyondy, had finally come to Bannok.  The vessel had been prepared, and the scent of jasmine was in the air.  Garaeth finished the incantation and spoke softly “Bannok, Bannok – can you hear me?”  A few moments of silence.  It was clear, the magic had not worked.
Belvor spoke “What happened Garaeth?  Heironeous would not fail one of his own!  A Knight of the Hart too!”
“I’m sure the magic was potent enough, it appears that he is not answering the call”
The Kings face turned quizzical “Do you suspect any foul magic barring his return?”
Gareth responded, “No, I felt peace and calm, perhaps he is in a better place